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A United Vision

Our partnership with Luis Miguel is a celebration of embracing life’s moments. It’s an invitation to live without limits, to welcome new adventures with open arms, and to feel the thrill of life’s potential.

This partnership is about inviting you to welcome new adventures and feel the thrill of life’s potential, with Luis Miguel embodying the spirit of a life well-lived. While Luis Miguel provides the inspiration, Alignment Health Plan delivers the care. We create solutions tailored to you, celebrating your individuality and prioritizing your well-being.

Now is your Time, Live Each Moment!

Press play and let Luis Miguel guide you through the vibrant possibilities with Alignment Health Plan. Experience health care reimagined.

Luis Miguel

Transforming Health care

Welcome to the future of health care with Alignment Health Plan. Our collaboration with Luis Miguel celebrates a commitment to vitality and wellness at every age. We’re making health care simple and accessible—anytime doctor visits, comprehensive support, all at your fingertips. Together, we’re not just changing how you experience health care; we’re celebrating you. Welcome to a new era of aging.

Dawn Maroney
President & CEO of Alignment Health Plan

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