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Need help? Contact us at the sources listed below. We're here and ready to answer your questions.

Corporate Office

1100 W Town and Country Rd, Suite 1600,
Orange, CA 92868


Member Services

1-866-634-2247, TTY 711

Sales Dept

1-888-979-2247 TTY 711

Member Help Desk for Part D Questions:

1-844-227-7616, TTY 711

Technical Pharmacy Help Desk for Pharmacy Providers:

1-844-227-7615, TTY 711

Transportation Scheduling:

1-866-327-2247, TTY 711

Utilization Management Department:

1-323-728-7232 ext 5553, TTY 711

Hours of Operation

8a.m. to 8p.m., 7 days a week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) from October 1 through March 31, and Monday to Friday (except holidays) from April 1 through September 30.